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Last year I was listening to OPB Radio (Oregon Public Broadcasting) as I was driving along I-5. I tuned in partway through a broadcast of a program called Alternative Radio. This particular broadcast featured a lecture by Richard Grossman entitled Revoking Corporate Charters. That sounded like a topic that would certainly be lively, whether I agreed with it or not -- a good thing to listen to as I drove down I-5.

So I listened.

This program became kind of a touchstone for me. Grossman made me think about things in quite a different light. I was so interested, that I stopped and wrote down the information about the show so I could order a tape. I actually ordered a copy of it from Alternative Radio (I never order tapes) because I was so interested in what he had to say. His lecture was so full of challenging concepts that I wanted to make sure I got it all.

Anyway, I think Mr. Grossman is right, but I encourage you to decide for yourself. He is the director of Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy (POCLAD). Their web site has a lot of very interesting stuff on this topic. I suggest you start by reading Engage Us, which should raise some interesting issues.

You may not agree with all of POCLAD's rhetoric. But, at the very least, I hope that you begin considering whether the case of corporate America and private citizens is one the tail wagging the dog.

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