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Democrats: Ask for Declaration of War

by Michael Heggen
March 26, 2003
Salem, Oregon

Below is a copy of the letter I just sent to Representative Hooley:

Dear Congresswoman Hooley,

If you have not already done so, I urge you to sign Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's letter supporting a motion calling for the President to go back to Congress and ask for a formal declaration of war.

It remains my firm belief that the President has exceeded his authority under the Constitution and the War Powers Act. The power of the Executive branch needs to be checked.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this war is not going to be over quickly. This is not a police action; it is an invasion intended to remove the lawful (although brutal and repressive) government of another sovereign nation--a nation that has not attacked us.

Mr. Bush insists that this war is supported by a coalition, but this is pure propaganda: the "coalition of the willing" consists of the U.S., Britain, and Australia, with a number of other countries providing little or no support other than their name and token support personnel. No, this war is unilateral in all but name. This is an American war.

So, if this American war doesn't need a Congressional declaration, with all of the debate that accompanies it, then please give an example of a war that does.

You must not sit passively mute. Our nation is strongest when it is acting on principle, but right now we are acting out of fear. You are a member of the United States Congress. Show the world that our strength lies not in mindless unity, but in doing what is right.


-Michael Heggen

Permission to copy the above letter, in whole or in part, without acknowledgement to the author is freely granted. 
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