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Democrats: Don't Roll Over...

by Michael Heggen
March 18, 2003
Salem, Oregon

Below is a copy of the letter I just sent to Senator Wyden and Representative Hooley:

Dear _____________:

Please do NOT follow the lead of so many Democrats today who saying that "America must speak with one voice" about war in Iraq. We Americans do NOT speak with one voice. 

There are many, many millions of citizens who emphatically do NOT want this war. I am one of them. Do not give the lie to the world that we are "united"! 

I have numerous friends serving in the U.S. military. I don't want them fighting for something that is wrong. If their blood must be shed, let it be for something true and just, but not this abomination created by the Bush White House. 

You have opposed the Bush administration's drive for war in Iraq, and I thank you for that. Please continue to speak out in the coming weeks.


-Michael Heggen

Permission to copy the above letter, in whole or in part, without acknowledgement to the author is freely granted. 
Permission to modify the above letter is granted, so long as the modified letter does not represent itself as being written by Michael Heggen. 

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