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January 1996

School has started again for me. I'm only taking one class, Intro Chem II, but so far so good. I finally got my report card for last semester and was thrilled to see a letter A after Chem 115! My very first A in college! I decided to refrain from fencing through the end of February because my ribs are still a little tender.

Our parish young adult group has grown quite a bit. We had a dozen people over one evening for our monthly fun activity. We had a wine/soft drink/beer and cheese tasting party. We met some new people and got to know existing friends better. We played some great games, too. We're looking forward to next month's activity, too.

We participated in our first diocesan-level youth event this month: the Fourth Annual Bishop's Ball at Trinity Cathedral in Portland (yes, the bishop was really there). This year's Ball was combined with a first-time-ever urban plunge (nothing to do with plungers, although we debated the merits of calling participants "plungers"). An urban plunge is taking small groups of youths into urban settings and performing community service, especially in areas of town that they might not otherwise be exposed to (e.g. Old Town, Northeast Portland, etc.). The whole event was a success. We had some minor annoyances (like incorrect addresses for service sites), but everything came off in the end. Our service sites included Patton House (housing for the elderly), HIV Day Center (provides daytime meals and support for HIV patients), William Temple House (the diocese's program to help the working poor that fall through the cracks), Loaves and Fishes (provides meals and fellowship at central locations for low-income elderly), William Temple House Thrift Store (provides funding for the work of William Temple House), SOAR (provides assistance to recent refugees), and the Northeast Emergency Food Center (provides emergency food bags to the needy).

Kim and I are now officially "doing something" in our church. We have been appointed members of the Youth Commission. We have been going to meetings since July, but now we actually get to vote.

We are also working on several design committees now: Confirmation 1996, Diocesan Middle School Overnight, Diocesan Young Adult Committee. Needless to say, we're kinda busy. But as Kim said the other night, "It's better than hanging out in a pub…."

Regrettably, I haven't made a single improvement to the house this month. Yech.

Kim was on call New Year's Eve, so we stayed home. She is getting better slowly, but is still using her inhaler occasionally. I have been busy doing a bunch of web development for Dad for his travel video business, as well as the regular web edition of Travelin' Magazine.

We got to visit with Carol and Wes (good friends of ours from Portland) at the first meeting of a group of people interested in improving/creating activities and opportunities for young adults in the Episcopal Church in Oregon. We look forward to having the group here at our house in late February.

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