Gear day

We didn’t get out to see Bob today, either. Sigh. Kim’s back is starting to feel better, but I didn’t feel that great today—just kind of achy and general malaise. So, at Kim’s suggestion, I used the day as a gear shopping day.

I continued trying to decipher the mysteries of horse blankets. The difference between stable blankets and turnout blankets is starting to make more sense. I just wish the various manufacturers explained things a bit better—like defining what “Lite” weight means. I spent some time poking through the blankets at the feed store and was able to connect some of my research online with what I was seeing, so that was good.

Still no blanket purchase yet, as I am not 100% convinced that Bob actually needs blanketing—especially as he continues to gain weight. I think maybe I will do some experimenting this week….

Kim's new riding helmet

I did some shopping for the various bits and pieces we need for Kim’s saddle. I priced them out to buy them from Specialized, and then compared that with what I would pay locally. Specialized was competitive, and we’ll get the added bonus of knowing that stuff will fit Kim’s saddle correctly.

I bought Kim a riding helmet today. It’s a twin to mine (except for the size): a Troxel Sierra western-style helmet. It’s not a shiny plastic helmet, but is instead covered in fabric and leather in shades of brown. Comfortable, too.

How To Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

I also picked up a new book, How To Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill. As someone who is coming to horses as an adult, this is a very helpful book. Unlike so much information in the horse world, the author has taken pains to vet her information against well-researched data. It’s rather refreshing.

About Mike

Michael Heggen is a horseman, maker, and thinker who lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife, Kim, and "three to eight cats". He stays quite busy riding, driving, and caring for their three horses, Boulder, Shasta, and Bob. Among other things, Mike has been a fencing coach, police chaplain, computer consultant, aspirant to the diaconate, computer salesman, box boy, carpenter, computer technician, typesetter, church youth leader, copy machine operator, and network administrator. His other interests include juggling, reading voraciously, and (pretty occasionally these days) cycling.
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