Intuit customer service sucks

If there was ever an argument in favor of companies outsourcing their customer support to India, this is the one:

The companies make money hand over fist.

Not on labor savings, but on (non-)refunds. I have been trying for several months now to get the charges reversed on two transactions. My work (a tiny little nonprofit fencing studio) purchased a one-year subscription to Intuit's QuickBooks Online Backup for $49.95 last year.

Intuit charged our debit card three times for the same transaction. So, they should refund us $99.90, right?

(Yeah. This is going to go well….)

I am stunned at just how many different ways this corporation has managed to say no:

  1. The first customer service number I tried was only open until 3 p.m. EST (which counts as a "no" right off the bat).
  2. Yes, we see that you were charged three times. What's the problem? (Sort of a reverse "no".)
  3. No, you need to call this number. (Another classic.)
  4. No, you need to go to this website and fill out this form to request a refund. (This was a new one!)
  5. No, you need to fill out this other electronic form and then someone will call you back within ten minutes and issue you a refund. (Oh, really?)
  6. No, you are six months into a one-year subscription, so you cannot cancel it. (But you charged me for three subscriptions, not one!)
  7. No, it has been too long since the charges were posted. Too bad. (WTF?)
  8. No, we cannot find your account. (Funny, you certainly managed to find it easily when the money was going to you….)
  9. No, I am very sorry that we cannot… <click> (after thirty minutes on the phone).
  10. No, we cannot find any evidence that you ever purchased this product. (Stunned silence.)

I think this may be a conscious choice on the part of Intuit Corporation to simply hope that I will go away and just forget about the $100. What's really sad is that we have never been able to get the Online Backup thing to work due to some incompatibility with our firewall.

So, I have given up on Intuit's obsequious babbling customer service. Now we'll see if PayPal's customer service can do a chargeback to our debit card this long after the transaction.

Unfortunately, PayPal outsources their support, too….

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