One Day = $720 million

That's approximately how much of our tax dollars our government is spending every day on the Iraq War. This less-than-two-minute video puts that into perspective.

One Day = $720 Million

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The next time someone (like a presidential candidate, perhaps) says, "We can't afford . It's just too expensive!" think about our national priorities. We are willing to spend a trillion dollars and almost 4,000 American lives in a war based on hundreds of presidential lies that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and made the U.S. less secure.

A billion dollars a week to combat global warming on a very large scale is a bargain—especially considering the human lives, property, and species that would be saved—and is an investment. War is an expense.

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  1. Byron K says:

    First, I am probably in the very small minority when I say that I believe that when Bush said there were WMD in Iraq, I believe him.

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