A guy at DOJ puts it on the line…

Holy cow! There are people in the executive branch who have principles!

I just came across this piece that ran in the Denver Post last week. It is written by a long-time Department of Justice attorney who is putting his career on the line by writing this scathing indictment (practically in the legal sense of the word indictment) of the Bush administration's justice policies. I earnestly hope that more pieces like this will follow from others. Maybe this is just naiveté on my part — mere wishful thinking that people taking risks like this will actually rouse America from its somnolence.

Maybe editorials aren't enough any more. Maybe it will take more Herculean actions like this one by two young people walking across the country as an anti-war protest (and going largely unnoticed), as described in the Chicago Tribune today.

Or perhaps all is lost and we are doomed by our apathy to get the government we deserve.

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