Vaccines: check!


A shot o' this an' a shot o' that

Bob got his vaccines tonight, thanks to some help from my friend Mary (thank you!). I picked them up from the vet and they had them on ice, with instructions to administer them within 24 hours. I stuffed them in the fridge at the barn and went off to work. After I was done teaching, I met Mary at the barn, and away we went.

  • Equine encephalitis and tetanus toxoid: left side of the neck
  • Equine influenza: right side of the neck
  • Potomac horse fever: left rump
  • West Nile virus: left pectoral
  • Equine rhino virus: right pectoral

    He was such a good boy for the shots (all of them intramuscular). There were a couple for which he flinched a bit, but that was about it. Most of these vaccines get a booster in a month, so we’ll get to do this all over again.

    Although it’s not a vaccine, I also treated Bob with EquiSpot fly repellent today. It sure seemed to help right off the bat. It lasts two weeks, supposedly—interesting stuff. I got a little bit on my T-shirt, so I not only smelled like citronella, but the flies stayed away from me, too!

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