Minneapolis-Moline LS 200 manure spreader manual

Front cover of owner's manual for Minneapolis Moline LS 200 manure spreader

Owner’s manual for Minneapolis Moline LS 200 manure spreader (88 MB PDF)

This is a high-resolution scan of the owner’s manual for the Minneapolis-Moline LS 200 manure spreader, which was manufactured in the 1920s and 1930s in both a horse-drawn and tractor-drawn configuration.

I have one of these units in near working order on our small farm. They come up for sale from time to time at farm auctions or on craigslist—often in fairly poor condition, but occasionally in pretty good shape, like mine. But the owner’s manual is usually either long gone or else the page you need is missing or damaged, making restoration and maintenance even more challenging.

If you have one of these units, I hope you’ll find this PDF to be helpful!

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4 Responses to Minneapolis-Moline LS 200 manure spreader manual

  1. Bob Holloway says:

    Trying to get any info on a Moline LS200 manure spreader. Thanks for your time. Bob 209 202 8411 or e mail.

  2. Stan Forcht says:

    Hi Mike, Thank you so much for publishing this manual. I have a LS 200 that need some TLC and this is just what I was looking for. Have a great day


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