Transmission received from Michigan

Mike and Emma

Neither of us got out to see Bob today. Kim was hammered with catch-up stuff from her vacation, and I had my hands full, too.

However, I did hear back from the owner of Emma, a beautiful, sweet-tempered, eager-to-please, well-trained 10-year-old 17.3 h.h. Percheron mare with whom I am rather smitten. Emma’s owner wants her to go to a good home in a cooler climate, as eastern Washington is not a good climate for an all-black draft horse.

Mary and I went out to Tri Cities to see Emma early last month and we both came away really, really impressed. Since then, we have been batting various possibilities for a sale back and forth with each other. I hadn’t heard from Emma’s owner in more than ten days and was beginning to wonder if she had had just decided to bag the entire thing. But I got a reply back yesterday. She had just been incommunicado in Michigan. So, negotiations continue.

There are a couple of Percherons closer to home that I will go look on Friday, but given how long they have been for sale (over a year), I am not very optimistic. There is also a beautiful white Percheron for sale a bit north of Salem, but I have serious doubts as to the horse’s training. These horses have a very tough standard to meet, thanks to Emma. The horse in Coquille fell well short of the standard, needless to say.

In the meanwhile, I’ll go see Bob tomorrow. Now that is a horse with personality!

About Mike

Michael Heggen is a horseman, maker, and thinker who lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife, Kim, and "three to eight cats". He stays quite busy riding, driving, and caring for their three horses, Boulder, Shasta, and Bob. Among other things, Mike has been a fencing coach, police chaplain, computer consultant, aspirant to the diaconate, computer salesman, box boy, carpenter, computer technician, typesetter, church youth leader, copy machine operator, and network administrator. His other interests include juggling, reading voraciously, and (pretty occasionally these days) cycling.
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