Two good-lookin’ hawrses….

First, the gear report:

The draft-size cradle worked much better, and my body positioning was better today. Boulder still hasn’t figured out that he can actually let some of his body weight rest on the stand, so eventually he gets tired and tries to put his foot down. We did make some progress, though. I used it to pick his feet, to help get his boots on, Continue reading

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An easy day

I showed Frankie how to put boots on Boulder this morning. Actually, she did most of the work and I just kibitzed. It took her some time, but she still did a better job than I did the first time.

I treated Boulder with EquiSpot, even though it has only been eleven days (rather than 14). The flies were just driving him nuts in his stall. I had purchased some EquiSpot from Western Ag Supply the last time I was there, so I opened the box—and found that apparently it had been on the shelf for awhile, as the applicator design was different. Instead of the familiar orange ampule, this looked more like a yellow miniature sardine can with a little spout at one end. It was difficult to avoid slopping the stuff all over, so that design gets a definite “no” vote from me.

And after that, we checked and tweaked the tightness on the boots and turned Boulder out in the pasture. Like yesterday, he was eager to go. Continue reading

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Boots on the ground

I got out to the barn earlier today and put Boulder’s boots on before he was turned out (thanks to Frankie holding him in his stall a bit later than the others). I walked him down to the pasture where the rest of his band was happily grazing, and he actually started to tug at the lead rope as we got close. Yes, he showed a bit of spirit! Continue reading

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These boots are made for walkin’….

Today was an Experiment Day with Boulder. I wanted to see what effect his boots had on his pasture behavior, but I only got to the barn about 20 minutes before the herd was brought in for the day, so I didn’t really get a good test.

I was able to test out putting boots on Boulder out on the pasture (after I caught him—three short runs today) by tying him to a post. It went well, although Continue reading

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Join up (sort of)

I had a really productive day today, which always makes me happy (and is all too rare an event, unfortunately). I got the tires on Kim’s car rotated and balanced, went to Lowe’s to buy stuff for two small projects, came home, ate lunch, installed two basic trellises for a couple of climbing plants in the yard (project #1), installed a new showerhead in the bathroom (project #2), bought some new jeans and socks at Double H (along with a horn bag for trail riding, a blue bridle rack, and some more horse treats!), and then went out to the barn.

Among other things, it was a day past time to fill up Bob’s daily grain bags for the week. Given how much hay he has been scarfing down from his new Freedom Feeder, I decided to reduce his Amplify ration to one pound per day. That might be too big of a jump, but he has just been an eating machine. We’ll have to see how his weight is after a week of this. Either way, I expect I will have to go back to two pounds a day as the novelty of the Freedom Feeder wears off.

I worked with Boulder’s feet quite a bit today. First I picked out his fronts and experimented with Jenn’s Hoofjack, Continue reading

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Boulder’s first trail ride (sort of)

It really was a trail ride; the “first” part is that it was that first one since I officially became Boulder’s new owner.

Boulder steps out in his new Boa Hoof Boots in Dunn Forest. Photo by Mary Miller.

But first, the boot report…. The Boa boots went on much more easily today. I decided to try using the gaiter today on the left front, and it was easy. The right front was harder, but not as tough as yesterday. I got the inside edge of the boot seated first, as that’s where he has a little bit of hoof flare. Good choice. They came off easily at the end of the day.

Boulder was easy to catch today, so I had him almost ready when Mary and Herc arrived to pick us up at the barn. Continue reading

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St. Francis-tide means it’s time for the Blessing of the Animals!

It’s been two days since I got out to the barn, and there was quite the dust-up going on when I got there this afternoon after church. A gate that keeps two of the bands of horses separated got left open, so the two bands were busily frolicking together and trying to figure out who was in charge. There are two new horses (Newman and Joey) this weekend, just to make things more interesting—and naturally they (and poor little Rio) were getting the short end of things. Still, it was actually really cool to see so many horses thundering around the tracks—lots of heels kicking up.

I am thankful that Bob and Boulder were both pretty easy to catch, despite all the commotion, as there was a lot to do to get them ready for the Blessing of the Animals Continue reading

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Apple cinnamon… nom!

Bob was Roberto again, today. I doctored his feet on one of the tracks (in the shade, this time!) while he was tied to a sturdy fence post. He was very good. Then we walked up to the barn and into crossties. Not being able to see his buddies, he started calling for them and fidgeted a little, but calmed down.

Then he got dewormed. Continue reading

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A pinch o’ this…

Today I left for the barn in enough time for a short ride on Boulder. Uh huh. Sure.

No, really, I did! Jenn was running a little late bringing the herd in, but I had stuff to do in the meanwhile (fetching tack, checking the slow feeders, watching the red-headed woodpeckers, etc.), so it was no problem.

Bob went into his stall very politely today compared with the omigodIhaftagetintherenownownow! behavior of yesterday. He stood when I took his halter off. But as soon as I stepped away, he started freaking out because he couldn’t see his buddy Jamocha who was 20 feet away, just like yesterday. Sheesh…. Continue reading

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Boas that do not constrict, I hope

I didn’t get out to see the boys Monday.  :-(

Today, however, I spent some good quality time grooming the big guy. I didn’t have to go chase Boulder, as Frankie told me when I got there that she was about to go bring the horses in. They are getting the horses used to their winter turnout schedule a little early this year, which makes it nice for me as the boys will get stalled around 1 p.m. or so most days after being out all morning. And  12:30 or 1:00 is about when I get out there most weekdays.

The boys both got their feet doctored, too. We continue to make progress against thrush. Bob was Roberto in his stall while I doctored his feet—I couldn’t ask for a better patient. Boulder did well until I got to his right front, which is the last foot that normally gets picked up. He just wouldn’t give me this foot, no matter what I did. Continue reading

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