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  • AgriHelp - "It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are... whether you've just moved to the country with the beginnings of a dream, have a few acres you'd like to work to make money or 20 years experience in ranching or farming..." Especially useful for their "Neighbors" e-mail directory of other farmers around the world.
  • Howell Living History Farm - Something of a side trip for me (I'm not interested in necessarily doing things "the old way"), but interesting all the same. Someday I may even get to New Jersey to visit.
  • Organic Gardeners' Web - Jennifer has done a nice job of providing organic gardeners (not farmers) with a place to share their stories.

I think my interest in farming comes from my Norwegian blood (my ancestors have been farming in western Norway for many generations), as well as my childhood. I spent my elementary and junior high school years in Acampo, a farm village just outside of Lodi, California. Our house was surrounded on two sides by hundreds of acres of grapevines. I spent many, many hours exploring, pretending I was irrigating the grapes, etc. I can also remember being fascinated with growing fruits and vegetables since I was seven or eight years old.

As an adult, I can think of no more honorable profession than growing food to feed people. What could be more satisfying than tending the earth so that it produces food bountifully in a manner like God intended?

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