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  • Powell's City of Books - This was my second home while we lived in Portland. Probably the largest bookstore you will ever actually visit. New and used (hooray!) books are mixed together. Special services include book searches, school and library services, and used book purchases. And now, they have their entire catalog online! Too cool!
  • Munro's Books of Victoria - Yeah, I know this place is several hundred miles from Salem, but we like to vacation in Victoria (British Columbia, that is). We always find time to stop in at Munro's. A nice largish independent bookstore with a plethora of titles in one of our favorite cities.

Please avoid patronizing the chain bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, Borders, and B. Dalton Bookseller. These chain stores (especially the megastores) have so much buying power that they are slowly strangling the small independent bookstores all across North America.

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