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December 1995

This month has been busy.

I finished my first semester back at Willamette in seven years. I only took one class (that's all we could afford <wince>) -- Intro Chem -- but I pulled at least an A- out of it, possibly an A, so I'm pretty happy about that. Finals are over with (I think I did quite well). I am enjoying being a student again.

On December 11, we added a new member to our household - his name is Simber and he's about two years old. Yes, he is a cat. I'll put in a link to a photo as soon as I have one. We adopted him from the Humane Society. What a great cat! Selina (kitty number one) has been adjusting pretty well.

We survived the December 12 storm with no loss of power and only a few lost pieces of roof. I thought we were going to lose the white alder tree on the corner, but it held on long enough for me give it a badly needed pruning the next day. The ground isn't saturated with water anymore, so hopefully it will be able to strengthen its root system.

We have had a flurry of youth activities with our church youth group, between regular activities and all of the extra holiday activities. We're getting to know the kids a lot better now.

Kim has been working hard at CHAOS. She took a little bit of vacation time this month, but had it scrambled up by the Oregon Department of Justice. They subpoenaed her for a child abuse case in eastern Oregon right in the middle of her vacation with two weeks notice. Then, after she had already rescheduled her patients, they decided they didn't need her testimony. Result, weird vacation schedule. Yech.

The Second Annual Heggen-Curnell Christmas Dinner was a resounding success. We served roast goose, oven-roasted potatoes, red cabbage, stuffing and goose gravy, fresh bread, baked onions, green salad, and bread pudding a la mode for dessert. Alan DeWitt was an adopted Curnell for the evening. Also in attendance were Kim's mom and Sonny, her brother Mark, and my parents. We played the dictionary game afterwards. A good time was had by all.

This was even more amazing considering that Kim had pneumonia. We had thought it was bronchitis and that she was just about over it, but the Wednesday after Christmas I had to take her to the emergency room in the middle of the night because she was having an asthma reaction and having difficulty breathing. After some inhaled drugs and pure oxygen, she was better. Not fun. They sent her home with some inhalers, codeine and instructions to rest.

November 1995

Now that my ribs are finally better (after a re-injuring them at least once), I finally made some progress on the house.

Thanksgiving happened twice this year, once at Kim's folks (the usual table groaning with good food) on Thursday, and once here (with my folks) on Saturday. Everyone had a good time.

October 1995

We are getting to know the kids at church better now and having fun with that.

My ribs are getting better.

All Saints Eve (Halloween) was different this year for us. Kim was on call, and I was a volunteer at the All Saints Eve festival at our church. So, no trick-or-treaters here this year.

September 1995

In the process of putting in the attic access, I cracked a rib. I thought it was just a bruise until I took a hard hit in the exact same spot at fencing the following Monday. So, no more building for me for a few weeks.

August 1995

Kim's first month on the job went well. That first paycheck was really welcome.

I started back at Willamette early this month. Pretty strange to be walking around as a student again after seven years. I am only taking one class - Intro Chem (with Dr. Chapple), but I'm really enjoying it so far. I have changed my major to biology. I plan to use my degree for my farm.

We decided to get involved as adult volunteers with our church youth group. We currently don't have a youth leader, so there is a vacuum filled with confused kids.

I am fencing again! Yea!

July 1995

We moved to Salem this month from suburbia (Tigard). Kim starts her first job July 31 with CHAOS (Childhood Health Associates of Salem). She is excited and nervous.

We took possession of our very first house. Yes, we're homeowners now. Kitty was quite traumatized initially, but now thinks this is pretty great!

We've started attending St. Paul's Episcopal Parish here in Salem after an extended absence from church while we were in Tigard. A big change from St. Stephen's in Portland (where we were married)

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