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September 1997

I built myself a workbench this month. Just today I got some pegboard hung in the basement so I have a temporary workshop. I have been busily hanging up tools and such. Maybe I'll even be able to find things now.

The new bathtub is installed in the downstairs bathroom now. It's not quite usable until we get the tile installed. Before we can do that, we have to finish picking it out. We have the floor pattern figured out, but still have to do the walls.

Byron and I took the first two weeks off of the house this month. When we did work, we restacked all of the lumber in the basement, cleaned up the outside scrap wood pile, brought all of the lumber in from outside, and then furred out some more of the concrete walls downstairs. The next Wednesday we ripped all of the siding off the wall between the garage and the rest of the house. It's all set for us to start installing our new electrical service panel. That should keep us busy for a good while....

October 1997

We have installed the new electrical panel. Nothing is hooked up to it, but it's installed. Byron and I spent most of the day of the first working out what electrical circuits we needed where. That's all drawn up now. Thankfully, they will all fit in the panel, although we won't have many spare blanks left on the panel when we're done. Good thing it's a 40-circuit panel....

Byron and I put in the last wall for the laundry room and framed in the doorway for the furnace room. The laundry room is basically ready to wire, insulate, and drywall now. We also started furring out the long wall of the future downstairs gym. We stopped when we finished framing the opening to the future wine cellar.

We put in the last wall for the bathroom, so it's ready to wire, insulate, and sheetrock. Now I just need to go get the rest of the tile picked out. We also furred out the rest of the long wall of the gym. There's just one short wall left in that room to fur out before it, too, will be ready to wire, insulate, and drywall. Finally, we got what we believe to be the last of the rusty old underground sprinkler lines out of the yard. We also tidied up the yard in preparation for winter.

The last of the holes have been dug for the fenceposts for the white picket fence that will one day border the yard. Ugh. The digging isn't too bad except for the last 8-10 inches, which are really rocky.

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